nahhh maybe later

imagetofuwaffles replied to your post: If I met you in real life, I’d hug you 5ever and…

If you ever know you’re coming out to Long Island again let me know a week or two ahead and we’ll plan something togethaaa :D AND YAY, HEADCANON IS CANON!!

aw man, i’m gonna be up there this weekend! but only for a few days for family christmas jank D: not that i don’t love family christmas jank… but yea not a lot of time to do other stuff

maybe next summer! since i drive myself now i’d totally be up for a brittney pitstop, awyea


  1. tofuwaffles said: Understood xD I’m doing business crap this week anyways (during a holiday week too, geez) but I would totally love that next summer :D We could see Monsters University if you come up in late June!!
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