nahhh maybe later
If I met you in real life, I'd hug you 5ever and we'd have to go to a movie that we could both fangirl over (Wreck-It Raaaaaaalph), popcorn's on me!! I feel like you'd be so much fun to go to movies with, like you're the type that gets pumped over going to see a movie and you bouce in your seat and make happy little noises (that is my Caroline headcanon yes)

omg brit you are the cutest ever YES LET’S DO IT. and your headcanon is p much canon, let us seat bounce together


  1. tofuwaffles said: If you ever know you’re coming out to Long Island again let me know a week or two ahead and we’ll plan something togethaaa :D AND YAY, HEADCANON IS CANON!!
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